What Is A CFS?

What Is A CFS?

CFS stands for Certified Fund Specialist. CFS is a professional financial services designation granted by the Institute of Business & Finance (IBF) to those who have the following traits:


Each advisor must pass a series of exams and a written case study. All designees must complete continuing education requirements each year and must meet experience and/or educational criteria.


CFS candidates must complete a comprehensive advanced program designed to educate the advisor on every aspect of modern portfolio theory (MPT), mutual funds, ETFs, REITs, UITs, EANs, CEFs, financial planning, asset construction, rebalancing and taxation.


All advisors have signed the IBF Code of Ethics and agree to adhere to the IBF Standards of Practice, both of which place the clients interests above those of the advisor and parent company.


Well over a million people provide mutual fund advice; less than 1% of them have earned the CFS designation.